Final Tally!

I don't believe I will finish anything in the next 30ish hours so here's my final tally for 2012.

Total books read in 2012: 66
Library books: 53
Non-fiction: 13
Audio: 20
Graphic Novels: 16

For Challenges:

Non-fiction Non-memoir challenge: 6
Science Book Challenge: 2
Chunkster: 2 (i've read plenty of longer books but they've been on audio)
RIP: 4
Total pages for the End of the World Challenge:  13652 (doesn't count rereads or graphic novels)

so...these are my lowest totals since I started recording.  I mean, if you pull out the graphic novels, which usually i can read in an hour or less, I read less than a book a week.  Factor in that 20 were audio books, which i listen to while going to and from work, and i'm basically at a book every two weeks.  now, I did have a pretty busy year, so that's an excuse.  I do miss reading and blogging like I used to though, so my goal/resolution is to get back into the habit.  I did reread several books this year which i found to be quite nice, so perhaps I should focus on rereads?  Also, Librarything says i have about 150 unread books so i need to work on those too.  I have signed up for the TBR Double Dare to help!  I'll be posting my bests list tomorrow.  

I forgot to add Dracula in!  I listened to it on audio and finished the last chapters last week at work.  It was a reread, so the total, library and audio totals need to be 67, 54 and 21!



  1. Whatever, those are still awesome numbers :p Congrats!

  2. I didn't get near the re-reading done this year that I have in the past, and would have gotten even less done if it wasn't for audio books and group reads of books I hosted that I had already read. Maybe I'll be able to sneak more in this year.

    66 is great, especially compared to my 56. :)

    1. I also think most of the books i reread i listened to. Just realized that i also finished Dracula on audio so i better add that one in!


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