Quiet Or Why Introverts Rock!

I finished Susan Cain's Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. It is really very good.  It's a book that is partially written for extroverted people who want to learn about introverted ones;  there's some good bits about raising children who are introverted and about being the boss of introverts.  It is also partially a book for introverts who want to know about ourselves and why we act the way we do.  I think both parts are what make the book work.  Some of the parenting bits really just come down to "let your kid be themselves and don't overschedule" which seems like good advice for every parent and other parts are about introducing new experiences and such.  The science regarding the brain and nervous systems was fascinating and well worth reading.  a 6!

on a personal note, i'm an introvert who is more toward the middle of the extro/intro scale.  There are things that trigger my introversion more, like showing up too early for something and having to wait by myself, but I like going out and being with people more than my husband or my best friend seem to.  One thing that working on my MLIS has made me do is work on my "cold calling" issues as i've had to set up a school visit and a few other things, so that is good.  I was also a little shocked regarding how schooling is organized now, which Cain touches on in the "raising introverted kids" part of the book.  Apparently it is set up more for group activities and shared work than when i was a kid and i would have HATED that.  Partly because I learn by reading and by writing, partly because (and i really hate how braggy and arrogant this bit sounds) I was usually a little ahead of everyone in school, and partly because I always hated slackers which always happens in groups of more than like 3. She mentions that things may be starting to pull back a little from the "group is best" mindset so hopefully if i ever have a kid in school it won't be too bad for them.


  1. I enjoyed this book, as I suspect most introverts would, and I liked the gentle self-justification I got from reading it.

  2. I REALLY want to read this one. I got the audio of it so I'll be listening to it some time soon.


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