The Last Policeman and Tokyo Year Zero

I got through two murder mysteries this week.  

I read The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters last weekend.  Actually, I read it Saturday evening between 5-9 pm.  Superfast reads seem to be something i can only do with mysteries. There's just something about them that i feel almost compelled as I read them.  They don't have to be actiony thrillers even; I can do the same thing with Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers (who i need to read more of).  anyway, in The Last Policeman, a humanity destroying asteroid is headed to Earth, scheduled to hit about 6 months after the story begins.  We get the backstory of the asteroid's discovery as the mystery continues.  Hank Palace is a newly promoted police detective, a position he's wanted his whole life.  Unfortunately, he mainly spends his time clearing suicide scenes as many people have chosen to kill themselves rather than waiting for the asteroid.  He begins to investigate an apparent suicide because it just doesn't feel right to him and he believes it is actually a murder.  I liked the story because I liked Hank Palace and his struggles.  I liked it less when i found out that this book is the first of a trilogy.  Why aren't there more standalone genre stories anymore?  a 6

Ever try to remember what made you pick up a book?  I am wracking my brain trying to figure out why I put Tokyo Year Zero by David Peace on my library hold list.  He's not an author I've read before.  I don't read a bunch of mysteries.  While I'm interested in Japan, where the book takes place, I do not think I've read anything set in post-WWII Japan.  So I really do not know why I requested it.  This book is about a Japanese detective taking part in an investigation of a serial killer.  It wasn't a bad book but is written in a semi-stream of consciousness style that took a bit to get used to. It is also the first in a trilogy but no sci-fi theme to this one.  a 4 from me.

I gotta read something upbeat!  I am trying to read The Casual Vacancy but it is also a pretty big downer.  hmmmmmm.


  1. Ummmm, you may have read my very good review of Tokyo Year Zero last year. I really liked it, though it did take some getting used to.


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