Tommy Taylor and Cinderella

a couple of quick reviews.

AMAZING!  I finished The Unwritten Vol. 6: Tommy Taylor and the War of Words by Peter Carey and Mark Gross.  Everything really comes together and makes all the previous books really worth the read.  While the story is pretty much in no way like Gaiman's Sandman series, it has a similar sort of fun in finding and recognizing the allusions and characters plucked from history and literature.  7

Good!  I also read Cinderella: Fables are Forever by Chris Roberson and Bill Willingham.  If you've read any Fables, you may know that in that world, Cinderella is a spy/secret agent for Fabletown.  Her cover is that she owns a shoe store and is a shopaholic and therefore travels around the world for her work/hobby.  This book is the 2nd collection of her solo adventures and I liked it.  I really liked the villain in the piece as well.  a 5.  


  1. Looking forward to trying the Cinderella Fables volumes. Really like her!


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