A Universe from Nothing

Another science non-fiction book finished!  A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence Krauss is a very short but idea heavy book.  Krauss essentially sums up science's current answer to the question: why is there anything?  He begins with the question, then backs up to teach the reader some physics and cosmology, which is quite interesting. Then the last few chapters deal with the answer.  A great overview of the state of current thinking on the subject.  a 5 from me!

Ending with a longish quote:
Why is there something rather than nothing?  Ultimately, this question may be no more significant or profound than asking why some flowers are red and some are blue.  "Something" may always come from nothing.  It may be required, independent of the underlying nature of reality. Or perhaps "something" may not be very special or even very common in the multiverse.  Either way, what is really useful is not pondering this question, but rather participating in the exciting voyage of discovery that may reveal specifically how the universe in which we live evolved and is evolving and the processes that ultimately operationally govern our existence.  That is why we have science.  

Yay science!


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