Denying Science

My second ILL book down!  I finished Denying Science: Conspiracy Theories, Media Distortions, and the War Against Reality by John GrantIt is a very serious look at the modern science denial movement.  There's a large section on global warming denialism but the book also looks at antivaccination, creationism, the South African AIDS crisis, and others.  I didn't even know about the South African AIDS thing before reading this book but it is shocking.  Essentially, the South African president's position on AIDS in the late 90's through 00's was that HIV didn't cause AIDS and that it could be cured with vitamins, roots and olive oil.  Here's a kinda overview.    

The tone is pretty strident and snarky, which could put some people off, and I wouldn't say this book is aimed to convince a layman.  It also doesn't give solutions.  It is comprehensive and detailed book that's well worth reading though.  a 6.


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