Return of the Movies post

When I was tallying up my favorite things from 2012, I had a lot of problems with the movies portion after i named off the few i'd purchased or just recently seen.  I have decided to return to quickie movie posts as I do like remembering what i've seen.  I think if i set up a monthly one that might be easiest.

Paranorman: I loved this one!  Boy who can see ghosts is bullied by friends and family until he must save the town when a witch's curse causes the dead to rise from their graves!  It was so clever and funny and subversive!  a 6.

Indie Game: The Movie:  interesting and really made me appreciate Super Meat Boy! a 5. 

The 7% Solution:  I read this book last year and recently noticed the movie on cable.  I think it was pretty faithful to the book and I liked it.  a 5.

Looper: AMAZING!  Next time I see a movie that i am pretty sure we will like i am going to drag B to it if I have to.  We missed it in the summer because he's just not as much for going to the movies as I am but this one would have been worth it. 7!

The Watch: not as bad as I thought it would be.  parts were funny.  a 5.

Downton Abbey Season 1: B and I watched this over a couple days.  For sucking me in against my will, a 7.

Downton Abbey Season 2:  and we then watched this season over the next week.  also very good tv, though B keeps exclaiming "It's just a soap opera!"  another 7.  

The Amazing Spider-Man: ok.   It wasn't bad but seemed a lot darker in tone than the first Sam Raimi one.  B and I both had the "why did they make this" reaction.  The filmmakers didn't say anything new or even have a different "take" on the material.  They seemed to take the first movie, swap out the villain and the girlfriend with different characters, change a couple details, and they had the script.  I will admit it was very pretty to see and great 3d which makes it a 4 instead of a 3.  


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