The Good Son

The Good Son by Michael Gruber isn't the sort of book that I usually read.  It is an espionage thriller.  Sort of.  It does take place mostly in the Middle East, in Pakistan.  Sonia Laghari is an American Catholic who, in the 70's, married a Pakistani man, moved to his home, converted to Islam and then ended up writing a couple books that scandalized the Islamic world.  Now, she is a psychotherapist heading a conference on peace in the Middle East.  When the conference becomes hostages to terrorists, Sonia uses her knowledge to get into the terrorist's heads while her son Theo, a black ops Intelligence agent, tries to formulate a rescue.

It works.  It's twisty and devious and really quite good.  Half the story is told from a third person limited perspective, while half is first person narration.  I had thought that the narration perspectives might give away who lives or dies in the book but it really doesn't give anything away.  There's psychodrama, and action, and spycraft and trippy spiritual stuff.  I highly recommend it.  a 6!


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