Brian K Vaughan can do no wrong!

I finished Saga: Volume 1 yesterday, which Vaughan wrote and Fiona Staples illustrated.  It's great! Awesome Sci-fi that's very grown up.  The premise:  Romeo and Juliet in space, except they've lived long enough to give birth to a kid.  Romeo is Marko, a guy with horns who uses magic and a sword and is from a moon called Wreath.  Juliet is Alana, a woman with wings who uses tech and blasters and is from a planet called Landfall.  The planet and the moon have been at war since forever and, to keep from destroying either, they've outsourced the war to other planets, including Cleave, where our couple meets.  They've escaped, gotten married, gotten pregnant, and have our narrator on page 3.  They spend the rest of the book running from both sides and various freelancers who've been contracted to kill them...but take the child.

 I love the art!  Staples is great and I can't see that i've read anything by her before.  Vaughan is top notch;  yes, i would admit that there isn't much that's full on "new" here but the mix and match is interesting and compelling.  I want to keep reading this series.  when does volume 2 come out?  a 7


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