February Movies

Back to the Future 1, 2, and 3: We watched the trilogy on a rainy day down in Louisiana.  I've seen them before but it's been a  long time. The first is definitely the best and i find a lot of charm in part 3 back in the old West.  2 is ok but not as good as the others in comparison.  Part 1: 6, Part 2: 4, Part 3: 5

Warm Bodies: 5, Zombie love story.  I feel bad that I didn't pick up the Romeo and Juliet bit until late in the film, as I had watched

Gnomeo and Juliet: earlier in the day!  this one's a 5 as well but quite clever for a kid's movie.

The Shakespeare Uncovered series: a 7.  just loved them all, though i kinda wish they could have had more women presenting.  David Tennant presented Hamlet, Jeremy Irons did the Henries, and Ethan Hawke did Macbeth.  all are well worth the watch.

Chronicle:  5.  I learned that teenagers are annoying and you shouldn't abuse your children as they may grow up to get superpowers and thereby become villains.  B says there are other reasons you shouldn't abuse kids.  ;)

 Total Recall: the new one with Colin Farrell.  meh.  a 4.  I might have given it a 5 if there wasn't so much damn unnecessary lens flare.  


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