Upcoming and Current Fun

School has been getting me down. There is just SO much to do this semester.  I've got 2 assignments due next week but I'll be taking my vacation anyway!  We are going down to Louisiana to visit my family.  B hasn't ever been to Mardi Gras and, though we'll be avoiding New Orleans' craziness, we'll hit a parade or two in Lafayette, see my brother's band play, eat King Cake and Meche's donuts and crawfish and beignets and, well, just overconsume life over the next week.  I can't wait!

I've also been playing Ingress.  Join the Resistance!  B has been playing since it came out and just made level 8!  I didn't get my invite until a few weeks ago and, thanks to some power leveling, I'm about a third of the way through level 4.  It's fun.  We're going to try to hit some portals in Louisiana, particularly Baton Rouge, on the trip.  

So anyone have some sci-fi/fantasy audio book suggestions for us?  We've listened to Ready Player One and the library can't get me Redshirts on audio.  I was thinking about getting The Hobbit or Fellowship of the Ring as rereads but hadn't decided.  Anyone listen to anything really good recently?


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