A stack of audiobooks

An audiobook wrap-up post!

I've still been listening to audiobooks but they've mostly been rereads. 

Fellowship of the Ring: yeah, yeah, i've read and listened to this multiple times.  still love it. 7

The Hobbit: so great, i actually listened to it twice in a row.  7.

As You Like It:  picked it up because they talked about it on the Shakespeare Uncovered show.  I'd not seen it or (as far as I know) read it before and I thought it was great fun.  a 6. 

Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves: I hate to admit it but I didn't particularly like this one.  I can't really say why except that the guy who read it was American and i seem to prefer British accents on audiobooks.  I guess it was rather predictable plot/character-wise.  The 2nd level villains were awesome though. A 4. 


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