Flavia 5

I actually finished Speaking From Among the Bones by Alan Bradley a month ago but it completely slipped my mind to post it.  I've said it before but this is really the hardest, most intense semester I've had in grad school.  

Flavia does love bodies and so of course she's right on hand when the tomb of her town's patron saint, St. Tancred, is being opened.  She pokes her head into the crypt to discover the body of the town's organist, who is most definitely not a saint.  Puzzling this murder out, as well as her sister's secret and her father's strange behavior, are challenges that Flavia lives up to wonderfully.

I really loved this book. There's a wonderful creepy part where Flavia falls into a sinkhole of a grave to discover a passage which is really good.  Even though Flavia is practically a genius, Bradley writes her so well that you never forget she's a kid, not even a teenager yet.  While she sees and schemes and understands so much, the motivations and desires of adults are still somewhat baffling to her.  Unlike the previous books, this one had a cliffhanger ending and I can't wait to read the next!  a 6.   

I've read that Sam Mendes is going to turn these books into TV movies and I do hope he doesn't try to update them to current day.  The books feel tied to such a specific time and place that I can't see them set anywhere (and anywhen) else. 


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