Doctor Who and the Giant Robot

I just happened across Doctor Who and the Giant Robot by Terrence Dicks, read by Tom Baker at the library when i was browsing the audiobooks and decided to give it a try.  Turns out this book is the novelization of the Fourth Doctor's first adventure!  I haven't seen a full Fourth episode (yet) though I've seen bits and pieces.  I'm not sure how to look at this one.  Since I haven't seen the episode, I can't say how well it follows.  It's ok as a book; nothing spectacular.  It's a bit draggy in parts but what i've seen of early Doctor Who (i've been watching BBC America's Doctors Revisted specials) is that they're all draggy in parts.  TV is far more zippy nowadays.  Anyway, for introducing me to the Fourth Doctor, this book gets a 5.


  1. That's awesome! I'm such a Whovian, but I haven't read any of the novels yet.


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