Kids' Fiction

 I had to read a good bit of kid's lit this semester; this post is a roundup of the fiction.

The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson- the banned book I read.  Gilly Hopkins keeps getting kicked out of foster homes and wants to be with her real mother.  In her new placement she finds people she thinks are weird but that she grows to love.  I really couldn't figure out why this one was challenged. 

Savvy by Ingrid Law - the book i read for my reading record.  This book is technically fantasy; i decided it would be a good "bridge" book for fantasy fans to read something more realistic.  Mibs is about to turn 13 and when she does she will get her "savvy", a special power everyone in her family gets at that age.  One older brother controls electricity while another creates storms.  Her father is then in a terrible car accident and is in a coma and Mibs decides her savvy will be to wake him up.  So she hides, with several other kids, in a van to get a ride to see her father and ends up growing up a bit. 

The  Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg by Rodman Philbrick - the book i wrote my paper on. Historical fiction, Homer is a boy growing up during the Civil War with his good older brother and their evil uncle.  The uncle tricks the brother into joining the Army even though he's underage and Homer goes on an adventure to find him.  Homer reminded me a lot of Lyra from His Dark Materials: a good guy who tells a lot of lies and stories to make his way through the adult world.  I really liked this one the best, which was why i wrote the paper on it!  

So, Savvy and Homer get a 6 while Gilly gets a 5, mainly because i just don't prefer realistic fiction. 


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