Some Graphic Novels

I had to read a kid's graphic novel for class and picked Snarked Volume 1: Forks and Hope by Roger Langridge because it won a 2012 Eisner for Best Publication for Kids.  I liked it so much I went on to read Volume 2: Ships and Sealing Wax and Volume 3: Cabbages and Kings. Fabulous!  really really good. I'm gonna pull what i wrote up for the first volume for class: 

Set after the events in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, Snarked follows the adventures of the Walrus and the Carpenter, two con men, as they live in Wonderland.  The King has gone missing and young Princess Scarlet and her baby brother Prince Rusty have to escape the palace and the evil advisers.  They join up with the Walrus and the Carpenter and begin the hunt for the King.  

This graphic novel was really funny.  And really clever.  It is full of asides and nods to the Carroll novels and works these references in seamlessly.  The Walrus, who could be the villain in a different story, is the scoundrel-with-a-heart and the brains of the story.  Usually a step ahead of everyone, he meets his match in Princess Scarlet, who is single-minded in her quest to find her father.  The conflict between those two characters is more interesting than that between the heroes and the palace advisers.  Many other characters from the original books show up too such as the Cheshire Cat, the Gryphon, Bill the Lizard and others.

If you like Lewis Carroll at all I can highly recommend these books!  Basically, a 7.

For a grown up book, I read the latest Fables compilation, Volume 18: Cubs in Toyland. I'd say it was a downer but that would be a bit of an understatement.  Turns out Bigby and Snow's kids don't have to wait until adulthood to start killing people and sacrificing themselves.  It was depressing.  I don't know how much longer I'm going to keep reading this series.  a 4.


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