31 May 2013

May Movies

Iron Man 3:  I really really liked this one. Not quite a much as I loved Avengers.  Tony Stark becomes a person you might actually want to know and Pepper kicks some ass.  a 6.

LIfe of Pi: hmmm, so we should believe in God because it's a nice story?  I don't think the Christian story is so nice.  And certainly what people do in the name of religion is very not nice.  Setting all that aside, I liked the movie in general.  The kid Pi was a fine actor and the movie was very pretty.  a 5

The Great Gatsby:  well, i liked the movie a hell of a lot more than i liked the book.  3D really brought those parties and the excess to life.  I actually liked Gatsby and Nick this time around, though I don't see why Daisy's so great.  another very very pretty movie though.  a 5.

Star Trek: Into Darkness:  ok, here's one that I quite liked as I was watching it but afterward my brain kept picking it apart...Cumberbatch is amazing, action was fun, overall acting was good but I just wish the plot hung together better.  a 5

7 Psychopaths: another 5.  this one was not what i was expecting.  I guess I thought it was an actiony comedy, and in parts it was, but it was also very meta, commenting on stories and life and death.  not bad, just different. 

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