Speak and Looking for Alaska

Yesterday I read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.  Wow.  I knew basically what the book was about (girl raped at party, deals with it over the course of the school year) but hadn't expected it to move me so much.  Is it because of the (too many) high profile cases we've heard about over the last year?  Or because the main character goes by Mel? or just because i'm a human being and the book is so good?  probably a combo of all of the above.  You absolutely should read this one.  a 7.

Today I read Looking for Alaska by John Green.  An unexpected Wow.  I did not know anything about this one, which I think made it all the better.  It's about a boy who goes off to spend his last 2 years of high school at a boarding school in Alabama, in search of life and what he calls The Great Perhaps.  And stuff happens.  The build up, the events and the fallout all occur naturally.  Green is a great writer.  Another must read 7!

I read both of these for my upcoming YA Lit class.  There's a massive amount of reading 14 (well, 12 now) books plus there will probably be articles/scholarly stuff as well.  Getting through these two so quickly does make me think I'll be able to handle it though.  I am curious if my attitude towards YA will change.  I don't have a bad attitude exactly, and i've read much that i've enjoyed and loved (Harry Potter forever!), but I wonder who exactly these novels are written for.  Teens?  middle schoolers?  I was tearing through adult novels at that time, though I admit plenty were mediocre, in plot and writing.  They did introduce me to vocabulary and proper grammar and themes and places.  I just wonder if a teen reading mostly YA gets that now.  just thoughts...I'll see what I think in August.


  1. I can't wait to read Looking for Alaska. I've never read Green, and I'm holding out to read this one first.


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