The Madness Underneath

I've been reading this YA series by Maureen Johnson.  I read the first book, The Name of the Star in January and got the second, The Madness Underneath, from the library.  It was really quite disappointing.  The story picks up a few weeks after the end of the first book. Rory is living with her parents in Bristol, recovering from her injuries and the trauma.  But how can she recover mentally when she can't tell anyone what happened?  She ends up back at school at Wexford and is determined to meet with her ghost-busting friends.  Their division is on a bit of a hiatus as the powers-that-be try to decide what to do with them.  After about 75% of the book is over, we finally get a bit of a plot and there's a cliffhanger going into book 3.

I guess the main disappointment is in relation to the first book.  It was self-contained and a full story, even if there were obvious things that would be left for the further novels.  This one felt like there was a whole book written, then it was chopped in half, then a bunch of junk added to the front to make it the same length.  The bad guys in this one are rather random and the events are disappointing as well. Is it a spoiler to say things happen that I disagree with but can't talk about because they'd be spoilers?  Anyway, this book is a 4 from me.  



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