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Last night, we got back from our vacation to Vermont.  B's cousin got married and we had a good visit with family.  I got to meet several people who'd been unable to make it to TN for our wedding last summer which was nice.  The weather was fine but got really cold (to me) the last couple days we were up there.  The flights were fine too.  I have to give big kudos to Southwest.  B left his wallet on the very last flight and not only did they find it and return it to us, they got our luggage out so fast that we missed the announcement and had to come back to the airport (a 15 minute drive from our house).  Thanks so much Southwest!!!  

I packed way too many books.
I completed 2 and started Master and Commander.  I also bought Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein while I was in VT and started that as well; I have to read it for my summer class.

The Diamond Age, or The Young Lady's Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson: I am slowly working my way through Neal Stephenson's work. I really should try to do this more quickly as I have loved everything I read by him.  The Diamond Age is no exception.  It takes place about 80 years or so in the future.  There are no longer countries but enclaves of like-minded individuals, basically with franchises in various places.  One of the big ones are the Neo-Victorians who model themselves on British Victorian society but use modern technology.  Nanotechnology is ubiquitous and everything can be made through the Feed via a Matter Compiler.  The novel follows several strands of story, one major one being the life of Nell, a poor little girl.  She receives an amazing book, The Young Lady's Illustrated Primer, that teaches, entertains and becomes her constant companion.  As she grows and learns the story the Primer tells becomes more interactive and more complex.  The novel is really fabulous; very well written.  a 7! 

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton: This was a reread for me.  I loved this book in high school and probably read it 4-5 times back then, as well as most of what Crichton had written by the mid-90's.  I probably hadn't read it for 10 years or more though. It actually holds up quite well; the lack of cell phones doesn't stand out as the characters are not in areas they'd be likely to function anyway. a 6. 

Since I had today off as well, I got through Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland by Bill Willingham.  This one was not that impressive.  I didn't like the art and I didn't think how the werewolves became werewolves was coherent with the Fables mythology.  Also, it seems about half the plot was lifted from the American Vampire story set in WW2 and that book did it way better.  oh well.  a 4.  

I've definitely been enjoying my reading and am back in that groove.  When I'm not reading I want to be.  This is good because I am taking Young Adult Lit this summer and have to read 14(!) books for it.  Yikes.  I should go read now!


  1. So glad to see your thoughts on The Diamond Age. It was a really fun book a prof introduced me to in grad school, and I don't see it mentioned very often.


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