Listened to Habits of the House

And I didn't really like it.  This novel by Fay Weldon is being compared to Downton Abbey and some things are similar: timeline, setting, money problems, perspectives from staff and the upper class family.  But there are characters on Downton Abbey that you actually like whereas the only person i cared for at all was Minnie O'Brien, the American heiress.  Everybody else rather sucked.  There was not enough actual story and then it ended abruptly with one character doing a complete 180 change in attitude that we don't get to see occur.  While writing this post up i found that this book is the first in a series and the second book is already out.  As this book was just released in January and the third comes out in December, it really makes me think there should have been a bit more time devoted to the first one to make it a bit better. a 4 from me. 


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