3 Doctor Who Audio thingys

So I listened to 3 Doctor Who audio... books? stories? adventures? Each was less than 3 hours on audio so that's not a book but I am not sure what the proper term is.  I didn't intend to listen to 3. See, what happened was I downloaded Pest Control from the library.  And David Tennant is just hypnotic. He narrates in his actual Scottish accent but then does the Doctor's voice for those bits.  He's got a whole bunch of accents in his pocket (his American sounds really angrgy!) and mimics his costars really well too.  So after I listened to one I went on audible and downloaded two more.  *sigh*

Pest Control-6.  I thought this one was the best and most like a real episode. It was almost like it was written as an episode and they realized they couldn't film it due to expense.  There's a war between humans and centaurs on some far off planet and the people keep turning into bugs and there's a giant robot hunting the bugs.  Doctor and Donna end up with the different factions and set things right.

The Stone Rose-4.  I liked this one the least.  Mickey shows the Doctor and Rose an ancient statue in a museum that looks just like Rose.  So they go back in time to have the statue made and shenanigans ensue.  It did have some very fun, trippy timey-wimey stuff in it but the bad guy was rather lame and the Roman setting just didn't do much for me. 

Feast of the Drowned-5.  Weird but good.  Modern London.  Ghosts of drowned people keep appearing to their living relatives, enticing the living to drown themselves in the Thames. Aliens are involved of course, Rose gets kidnapped, and the Doctor and Mickey have to save the day. 


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