July Movies

Django Unchained- disturbing.  good, but disturbing.  I'm usually ok with Tarantino violence but something was just too much this time.  I think i would have liked it a little better if there was more of his training and the movie had been split in two like Kill Bill.  still, a 6.

Much Ado About Nothing: Shakespeare, Whedon-style!  I liked it.  a lot. He threw in a new scene where Benedick and Beatrice hooked up pre-war, to explain their rancor.  Beatrice seems a little harpyish because of it; she becomes the scorned woman, which I didn't like so much.  It also makes the accusations against Hero a little weird: is it, or is it not, ok for women to have sex in this world?  Anyway, it did succeed in making me think, for a moment, that maybe they were going to change it to a tragedy.  Benedict, Beatrice, Leonato, and Don Pedro are so fabulous and really sell the anger/revenge aspects.  a 6.  

Oz the Great and Powerful: bleh.  absolutely the worst movie i've watched this year.  James Franco just plays James Franco.  The women, while great actresses, are given nothing to work with.  one of the sidekicks, the female China Doll, DOESN'T EVEN GET A FUCKING NAME!!!  The only reason this isn't a 1 or 2 is because it is very pretty.  a 3.

Premium Rush- Bike messengers vs corrupt cop!  silly but really fun, though I was tipsy while watching and B and I kept pausing to discuss life, living in NYC, and everything.  a 5.

Pacific Rim-really goofy.  Fun, but goofy.  insanely unrealistic, sci-fi physics, relatively predictable plot, but i still kinda enjoyed myself.  It is giant robots versus giant aliens.  I think it's a sequel to Independence Day really, those head aliens looked a lot like the ones from that movie. a 5.

Legend- this was a rewatch for B and I but neither of us had seen in in like 20-some years.  and that phrase just made me feel really fucking old!  Anyway, it is a fairy tale sorta thing: princess causes a unicorn to be captured by the devil, who, by killing the unicorn, will rule the world somehow?  Farmboy and a group of fairies, dwarves and a weird elf boy save the day.  Tim Curry plays a very ripped devil.  a 5. 

Fright Night- the new version with Colin Ferrell and David Tennant.  My brothers and I loved the original when we were kids.  This movie was fun.  David Tennant does a fabulous Russell Brand impression.  the 3D was cool and the credits have an amazing version of "99 Problems" playing over them.  a 5.

 Jack the Giant Slayer- eh, it was ok.  another 3D movie B got for his bday.  After a movie like Brave comes out where the princess really does things, you kinda expect other movies to run with that premise, to make their girls proactive.  Other than running away, princess doesn't do much.  Ewan McGregor seems to be enjoying himself though.  a 4. 


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