August Movies!

The Wolverine: got suckered into buying expensive tickets. Apparently, Regal spiffed up one of their theaters, put in better seats and funky blue lights, and decided to charge a few extra dollars for it.  considering we had two different armrests fall apart at the regular theater when we saw Pacific Rim, I think the money would have been better spent amongst all the theaters.  When we picked the time and paid for tix it seemed off but I just went with it but when I realized the difference I was a little ticked.  Anyway, the movie.  Wolvie is a favorite of mine and and I have a bit of a crush on Hugh Jackman (though now i can reverse it and say it is because he looks a bit like my husband) and I was pleased with the movie.  a couple bits were a little weird (his relationship with the heiress) but overall I enjoyed it.  a 6.

Robot and Frank: a bittersweet movie that was both more and less sad than I thought it would be.  Frank is an older man who seems to be in his 70's.  His kids are worried about his failing memory and get him a helper robot who cooks, cleans and talks to Frank.  Frank used to be a jewel thief and begins to teach the robot his skills, which actually improves his mental state.  Then the two start planning a real job.  It was funny and a really gentle movie.  I quite liked it.  A 6.

The Darkest Hour: ugh.  a 3-D movie B got from McKay's.  it was less than awesome.  pretty cliched, unsure why the aliens seem to be actively killing people as they are close to invulnerable to standard weapons and powerful enough to get the resources they want easily.  a 3.   

The World's End: AWESOME SAUCE! Terribly good.  Funny as hell and the more i read about the little touches they did in making the movie (like the names of the bars all mean something and reference what happens in them) the more i want to see it again!  a 7. 


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