I finally finished Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson.  It's long but I enjoyed it.  It is about....a lot of things.  Cryptography and internet privacy/security, WW2, family, friendship, life and death, that sort of thing.  It was originally published in 1999 and parts feel very much from that time; the state of the art internet tech of the book is found on the cheapest smartphone today.  However, a LOT was incredibly current like the discussions about privacy, online currency, and preventing genocides.  It was action packed but the action was spaced between long sections of really intelligent people doing interesting things.  I wonder how many boxes of Cap'n Crunch this book is responsible for selling (at least one i can confirm) and how many people use Randy's classifications for people of men/dwarves/elves/wizards (i've adopted it)?  I can't say it is my favorite of his but worth the 45(!) hours i spent listening to it. It is not where I would recommend starting but I think if you've read Snow Crash or Reamde and liked it, you'll like this one.  a 6. 


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