I so love this challenge!

This challenge, hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings, is always so much fun, even when, like last year, I don't succeed.  Reading others' blogs and reviews for this challenge is almost as good as reading the books themselves!  This was also the very first challenge I joined waaaay back in 2007 when I started book blogging.  

As I am taking 3(!) classes this fall, I am going to play it safe and just commit to Peril the Second, reading 2 books.  I am sure I'll watch a few movies and accomplish The Peril on the Screen too!  

The Estella Society is hosting a group read of The Historian.  I actually started that one a few years ago and never finished, so perhaps I will join in on that read.  Here are a few options I have for another book:
  • Seven for a Secret by Lindsay Faye (a mystery and an ERC from Librarything.  I'm reading the first in the series right now but it doesn't count for RIP as I've been working on it a couple weeks)
  • Handling the Undead by John Ajvide Lindqvist (zombies)
  • Grave Goods by Arianna Franklin (mystery) 
  • Feed by Mira Grant (more zombies)
  • The Shadow in the North by Phillip Pullman (YA mystery)
Surely I can get a couple read by October 31st? wish me luck!



  1. I keep starting The Historian and never finishing it. I hope this year will be the year...

  2. I bet you could still count Seven for a Secret if you want to. :) Part of what I love about this challenge is that it's so laid-back. Have fun with your reading!


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