The Cuckoo's Calling

I admit, I picked this one up because I knew who the author was.  The Cuckoo's Calling is noirish mystery, which is definitely something I enjoy reading, but I don't think it would have popped up on my reading radar if Rowling hadn't been outed.  It makes total sense to me that she would write a mystery.  What is the Harry Potter series but one big mystery story, punctuated by various other mysteries spanning one or more books.  This book is a modern mystery with the private eye on the verge of bankruptcy, the investigation no one thinks he should take, the twist and turns.  I really liked this one, much much more than The Casual Vacancy, which I never finished.  I liked the detective, Cormoran Strike, and i really liked Robin, his temp secretary that stays with him through the book.  She's smart and competent and caring and just so good to read about, as opposed to the fast talking moll who has a crush on her boss.  The mystery is good, if not incredibly new, and the book is a little long.  The characters completely make up for any problems though.  I can definitely recommend this one and if she writes more I will read them!  a 6.   


  1. The first book I read by Ms. Rowling. I know, i know, there are people there who will want to crucify me for not reading the Harry Potter series, but... Well, what can I say about this one. Hefty (since i was reading an ebook on my cellphone), but an absolute ''unputdownable" one. The way she builds up the story and the end is fabulous with different pieces falling in place in the last conversation like a jigsaw puzzle getting completed... The characters are so nice esp. Strike & Robin. was happy to know that this was the 1st of the series... waiting for the next one with Strike & Robin (full time now) duo at it again!!!

  2. I agree with you in really liking the two main characters; i'll also be picking up the sequel.


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