Verily, A New Hope

I consider myself an inhabitant of many different nerddoms.  While I don't quite reach "lunatic" level in any of them, I enjoy lots of things.  Star Wars is one, Shakespeare's plays are another.  When I read that someone had written Star Wars as a Shakespeare play, I knew one book I was definitely reading this summer!  I even got it pretty quickly from the library.

I liked it a lot.  There was a Chorus, which isn't usually a favorite of mine, but for this story there is just too much that needs explanation or narration.  The structure really works as a play and the author does a great job of translating the dialogue and action into iambic pentameter. 

Here's the bit where Vader and Obi-Wan meet in the Death Star:

Vader:       For certain, I have waited, Obi-Wan,
                 And now at last we meet together here:
                 Our destinies once and for all fulfill'd,
                 The circle of our lives is now complete--
                 A student was I when I left thee last,
                 But now I am the Master over thee.
Obi-Wan:   Thou art a Master, Darth, I know 'tis true,
                 But only evil hast though Master'd yet.

There are also a ton of lines that are almost lifted from Shakespeare such as Luke saying "Friends, rebels, starfighters, lend me your ears".  I definitely had some giggles recognizing the lines.  If you enjoy Shakespeare then give this one a shot.  it's a 6 from me!


  1. I kinda really want to read this one.

  2. I enjoyed it! As long as you don't think new interpretations (of Star Wars OR Shakespeare's style) are sacrilege, it is good time spent.

  3. I've got a galley copy of this on my shelves that keeps on calling to me. Like you, I'm a dual fan of Shakespeare and Star Wars. I need to read it before the sequel is released!

  4. so worth it! it is pretty short so shouldn't be a long time to read.


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