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September Movies!

Shallow Grave: 90's movie starring very young Ewan McGregor and Christopher Eccelston (9th Doctor).  It was not what I had expected (i had it confused with a different 90's movie called The Last Supper) but was really really good.  Three friends share an apartment and bring in a fourth roommate.  Fourth roommate immediately dies and when they go into his room they find a suitcase full of cash.  They decide to bury the body in the woods and keep the money for themselves.  This decision leads to many problems for the trio.  This was Danny Boyle's first movie and you can definitely draw a line from this to Trainspotting, both for the direction and Mcgregor's acting.  It is a really claustrophobic movie; B and I had assumed it had been adapted from a play because it could easily take place in just one set with like 6-8 actors but it was not a play originally.  anyway, a 6!

Dredd: hmmm, an interesting reason (a drug that slows down your perception of time) to use bullet tim…

Avengers Assemble! Form of: Graphic Novels!

So, somewhere i read that the Avengers Assemble series of comics is a newbie-accessible version, recently released and tailored to movie fans by featuring, in the main, the movie characters.  When I saw that the subtitle of the second collection was "Science Bros" I so had to read them. Avengers Assemble collects issues 1-8 whileScience Broscollects 9-13 and the Annual.  

Avengers Assemble is definitely the better of the two books and feels, in some ways, like a sequel to the movie which was probably what the creators were going for.  

Science Bros wasn't bad but only the first half was "Tony and Bruce have an adventure" and actually they are competing for part of it, rather than cooperating.  not bad, but not what i wanted to read.   

Unfortunately, there just wasn't much to them.  I wanted them to be better, more story and character development, but mainly they were fights and explosions and such.  ah well.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

I loved this play!  It may be blasphemy but Midsummer is not my favorite comedy of Shakespeare's (I prefer the grownupness of Much Ado) but this performance was absolutely amazing!   It was a modern setting with a few broad Southern accents and a good bit of crowd involvement. Shakespeare with cell phones and Instagramming?  Sign me up!  Puck was awesome, Hermia/Helena were great, Titania was fabulous and Bottom....was just too funny.  I had completely forgotten the "play-within-a-play" bit at the end and it was a joy to see.  These guys had me in tears, I was laughing so hard.  Well worth 3 times the $10 suggested donation.  

It plays through next Sunday (the 15th) so if you're in Nashville go see it!   

Picture from Nashville Shakespeare Fest.

The Gods of Gotham

Because I received Seven for a Secret by Lyndsay Faye free from Librarything, I figured I better read the first book, The Gods of Gotham.  I read her Holmes vs the Ripper story Dust and Shadow a few years ago and really liked it.  This one is a mystery set in New York City right when the NYPD was being formed.  Think Copper or Gangs of New York.  Timothy Wilde looses his life savings and his good looks in a fire, his brother ropes him into joining the newly created police force.  Early in his new job, which he's desperate to leave as soon as he can find something better, a little girl runs into him, covered in blood.  Turns out she's a child prostitute, which was more or less allowed back then, but has a tale of murder that Wilde can't walk away from.  

The novel was tense and moody but not depressing.  The mystery is good and twisty.  The setting is amazing; it seems really well researched.  The attitudes of just 160 years ago are so shocking in some ways and unfortunately…

My first update post of the year!

I realized as I was posting my RIP that I had yet to post a tally of my reads for the year.  I usually get one up in June or July but it slipped my mind this summer.  So here's where I am at as of yesterday. 

Total: 73

Library Books: 50
Non-fiction: 8
Audio: 17
Graphic Novel: 15
Non-Adult: 32  

Other than RIP, I really don't remember what challenges I had been interested in doing but I do know I've failed them rather miserably...ah well, maybe next year!

Thoughts: wow, i've read more than I thought!  It's that non-adult category, and the two literature classes that required me to read those books, that pumped up my total.  I didn't even count the few dozen picture books I read, just actual chapter books and graphic novels.  So, if you're feeling bad about your reading number for the year, my suggestion is to pick up a dozen children's classics, take a weekend, and enjoy!

Perks of Being a Wallflower

Taking the YA Lit class this summer is still having an effect on my reading!  Several people recommendedThe Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky so I ended up checking it out of the library.   It is the story of a high school freshman, Charlie, who has some problems and ends up making friends with two seniors, Sam and Patrick, who are step-siblings.  Charlie develops a crush on Sam (a girl) but she won't date him as he's too young (he turns 16 over the course of the book).  Teenagery stuff happens, there's a shocking reveal at the end that's been foreshadowed and *SPOILER ALERT* NOBODY DIES!!!

I thought this one was really beautiful.  Wonderfully written.  It is also the first thing i've read that is about my teenage time as Charlie was my age and the book is set in the early 90s.  So they talk like, and about the same things, my friends and I did then.  It was really nostalgic for me to read.  I felt so for Charlie and cried and laughed with him.  Highly…