My first update post of the year!

I realized as I was posting my RIP that I had yet to post a tally of my reads for the year.  I usually get one up in June or July but it slipped my mind this summer.  So here's where I am at as of yesterday. 

Total: 73

Library Books: 50

Non-fiction: 8
Audio: 17
Graphic Novel: 15
Non-Adult: 32  

Other than RIP, I really don't remember what challenges I had been interested in doing but I do know I've failed them rather miserably...ah well, maybe next year!

Thoughts: wow, i've read more than I thought!  It's that non-adult category, and the two literature classes that required me to read those books, that pumped up my total.  I didn't even count the few dozen picture books I read, just actual chapter books and graphic novels.  So, if you're feeling bad about your reading number for the year, my suggestion is to pick up a dozen children's classics, take a weekend, and enjoy! 


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