Perks of Being a Wallflower

Taking the YA Lit class this summer is still having an effect on my reading!  Several people recommended The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky so I ended up checking it out of the library.   It is the story of a high school freshman, Charlie, who has some problems and ends up making friends with two seniors, Sam and Patrick, who are step-siblings.  Charlie develops a crush on Sam (a girl) but she won't date him as he's too young (he turns 16 over the course of the book).  Teenagery stuff happens, there's a shocking reveal at the end that's been foreshadowed and *SPOILER ALERT* NOBODY DIES!!!

I thought this one was really beautiful.  Wonderfully written.  It is also the first thing i've read that is about my teenage time as Charlie was my age and the book is set in the early 90s.  So they talk like, and about the same things, my friends and I did then.  It was really nostalgic for me to read.  I felt so for Charlie and cried and laughed with him.  Highly recommended!  a 7!


  1. I've picked up this book multiple times and looked at it but always put it down for the unpolished writing.I am curious to read it now, though, after watching the fine film adaptation.

  2. that's funny because a friend of mine was a fan of the novel but not the movie! I've yet to see the movie but it's in my Nteflix queue...somewhere...


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