September Movies!

Shallow Grave: 90's movie starring very young Ewan McGregor and Christopher Eccelston (9th Doctor).  It was not what I had expected (i had it confused with a different 90's movie called The Last Supper) but was really really good.  Three friends share an apartment and bring in a fourth roommate.  Fourth roommate immediately dies and when they go into his room they find a suitcase full of cash.  They decide to bury the body in the woods and keep the money for themselves.  This decision leads to many problems for the trio.  This was Danny Boyle's first movie and you can definitely draw a line from this to Trainspotting, both for the direction and Mcgregor's acting.  It is a really claustrophobic movie; B and I had assumed it had been adapted from a play because it could easily take place in just one set with like 6-8 actors but it was not a play originally.  anyway, a 6!

Dredd: hmmm, an interesting reason (a drug that slows down your perception of time) to use bullet time...a psychic who's powers fail her at a convenient plot moment...and the handsome Karl Urban never showing his face/doing his Batman audition.  a 4.  if you see it, see it in 3d.

Lincoln:  Lovely movie, never seemed long, liked Lincoln a lot.  Cried even though I knew how it would end.  a 6.  


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