The Gods of Gotham

Because I received Seven for a Secret by Lyndsay Faye free from Librarything, I figured I better read the first book, The Gods of Gotham.  I read her Holmes vs the Ripper story Dust and Shadow a few years ago and really liked it.  This one is a mystery set in New York City right when the NYPD was being formed.  Think Copper or Gangs of New York.  Timothy Wilde looses his life savings and his good looks in a fire, his brother ropes him into joining the newly created police force.  Early in his new job, which he's desperate to leave as soon as he can find something better, a little girl runs into him, covered in blood.  Turns out she's a child prostitute, which was more or less allowed back then, but has a tale of murder that Wilde can't walk away from.  

The novel was tense and moody but not depressing.  The mystery is good and twisty.  The setting is amazing; it seems really well researched.  The attitudes of just 160 years ago are so shocking in some ways and unfortunately not in others.  Wilde, and his brother, really grow on you as characters and I really want to follow them to the next novel.  definitely a recommended book! a 6 and I'm going to count if for RIP dammit!


  1. Anonymous29/9/13 12:19

    Considering my feelings for Copper and Gangs of New York, this sounds excellent. Come to think of it, Dust and Shadow has been on my TBR list while. I obviously need to read some Lyndsay Faye.

  2. Both are worth a read. I started Dust and Shadow at the end of a readathon a few years ago and ended up reading a big chunk of it that night!


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