1st Read-a-thon Post!

What I've read so far:

pages: 29 (a single chapter of my Ed Psych textbook)

Bookish things i've done:
went to Southern festival of books, bought 4 books (3 for me, 1 gift), saw a panel on March: Book 1 where I heard Congressman John Lewis speak and one on Sherlock Holmes. Also ate an amazing Brie-Apricot crepe and had some great ice cream.  

Now I'm going to do some more homework! 


  1. You've got some reading done & you've been to a Book Festival, that's cool! Homework should probably be a priority but come back to reading if you finish :) Go #TeamTiger

  2. "Little by little does the trick." (Aesop)
    Or maybe we should say 'hour by hour' :)
    Team Tiger


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