October Movies

Happy Halloween!

World War Z-  Definitely had some problems with this one specifically because the source material was so great.  but because Brad Pitt is so pretty it gets a 4

Men in Black 3: funny, sweet in parts, not bad at all.  definitely better than part 2.  a 5. 

Upstream Color: ugh ugh ugh....random shots, worm weirdness, pigs?  definitely didn't like it at all.  a 2!

 Europa Report: Very cool Science fiction.  a found footage-type movie in space.  scary and claustrophobic but not because of human evil but because of the amazingness of exploration.  a 6. 

Because Europa Report involves space exploration, B says I should plug his Youtube channel where we have some videos up of us playing Kerbal Space Program.  28 minutes of pure excitement!  ;)  actually, it's just me messing around.  Enjoy!


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