Jack Glass

Gorgeous cover!  I finished up Jack Glass by Adam Roberts last night.  I really loved it!  It is a British Science Fiction award winner for best novel!  Right up front, our narrator tells us that Jack Glass is a Murderer and that the book is the story of 3 murders he committed.  They are How-Dunits and Why-Dunits.  There's a locked-room mystery, a prison escape, and a regular who dunit.  But the stories are all set in the future, in space and on Earth, with ships and tech and awesomeness!  I'm definitely not able to talk this book up as much as it is worth.  If you like classic mysteries with a twist, or science fiction stories with rival factions and politics, you will probably enjoy this book  a 6!


  1. I need to see if my library has this. I read some praise that made it sound interesting and other things that sort of turned me off (mostly over-hype that seemed to want to put down other books/authors), but I need to judge it based on itself. Glad you liked it.

  2. I forget how it popped up on my radar. It might have been the British sci-fi award. I think you have to like mysteries to like it.


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