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Best of the Year Post!

All of these are in no particular order.  As always, I can't limit myself to just 3 or 5 or 10 either so the numbers will be what they are.  Books:      New to me:  This category is specifically why I can't make myself rank this stuff.  Is Code Name Verity the best because it was so powerful? How about crying through the end of Ocean ?  or laughing and crying during Looking for Alaska ?  Should it go by how I felt when I read them or how much I've thought about them since?  See, it is way better just to list them!  Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson Looking for Alaska by John Green The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson YA heavy I know but I read a bunch of YA this year for scho

How many books did I read this year?

Unless I finish another book tomorrow (unlikely as I've been rereading the Sherlock Holmes stories on my new Kindle and am about 18% in) my totals for the year are as follows: Total books read: 95 Library Books: 65 Non-fiction: 8 Audio: 27 Graphic Novel: 19 Non-Adult: 37   So, I'm a bit disappointed in this number and my blogging for the year as a whole.  Looking back, I only posted three times in November!  and one was just for audio books!  Of what I read, a third of the books I listened to, about 20% were graphic novels, just under half were not adult books.  Those all really inflated my numbers.  I did have a lot of school work this year and that definitely hurt my reading.  I was reading so much I had to read, and so much non-fiction for school, and writing so much, that I wanted to totally get away from it in my downtime and played a lot of video games and watched TV.  My schedule is such that I'll be doing a lot of studying in the next three months so I don&

December Movies

Since I'm not going to watch any more movies before tomorrow night... After Earth:  It was ok.  Certainly nothing as bad as I thought from reviews and such.  The climate of the planet was ridiculous and definitely in there just to have a particular scene late in the movie.  The alien bad guy was also weird.  a 4.  The Hobbit 2: can you both like and hate a movie at the same time?  that's how i'm feeling about the Hobbit films.  They seem to leave out a lot of the heart but add in a lot of spectacle.  Makes me want to watch the old Rankin and Bass movie.  Let's say a 5 because Smaug is fucking stellar. Elysium: Another one I'm torn about.  I liked parts but disliked others.  let's say 5. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:  I didn't think this was one I was going to like as I'm not a big Ben Stiller fan.  We went on Christmas Day with B's family and it ended up being really good! a 6. 

Finished a Listen of Ender's Game and Vacation Pics!

So we got back from Vermont this morning, which is kinda sad.  It's hard to live so far away from both sets of families.   On the drive back, we finished a listen of Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.   It is one we've both read before, me only once.  It was a multiple cast version put out for the 20th anniversary of the book publication.  It was nice to reread this after seeing the movie so recently as we were really able to see the differences and how much was left out of the film.  I realized I hadn't posted any pictures of the trip!  Gotta fix that!   B and a friend when we went sledding   The sledding hill   Snowy trees   Our Dog in the snow Here's a video of the snow too ! We really had a great trip but even at close to 2 weeks it was too short.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

2 P.D. James Books

I've read very little P.D. James.  I've read Death Comes to Pemberly and Talking about Detective Fiction before.  I'm up in Vermont at the in-laws and picked up Unnatural Causes and tore through it in a day then read An Unsuitable Job for a Woman in two.  Both worth a look! Unnatural Causes is the third Adam Dalgliesh mystery.  He is a Scotland Yard detective taking a holiday and visiting his aunt at the seaside after cracking a big murder case.  Then a body of a local resident with its hands cut off comes ashore in a canoe.  While it isn't Dalgliesh's case he becomes involved in the investigation.  There's a dramatic climax toward the end and, while i had suspicions about the killer I was happily surprised.  There are apparently a lot of adaptations of this series so I may have to watch a few.  a 6. Unsuitable is the first Cordelia Gray book.  I really liked Cordelia but apparently there is only 1 more book featuring her. Cordelia is a very young wom

Yet Another Audio Book Post

Ok, so I now listen to a bunch of audio books, ok?  If you promise not to tell my boss, I'll let you know that I can listen to audio books at work without screwing up what i'm working on.   Doctor Who heavy this month! Doctor Who: The Runaway Train by Oli Smith :  an 11 and Amy adventure.  This one takes place in the old west and the Doctor and Amy get a group of outlaws together to locate an alien bomb that is going to instantly change Earth's environment to match what the aliens need to live.  Got to listen to various versions of Matt Smith's American accent, all drawly and deep.  His "Amy" accent is not that great though.  Fun story, too short.  a 5. Doctor Who: Dead Air by J ames Goss : rather creepy 10 story.  Chronologically, this story is supposed to be right before the episode "The End of Time".  It is a little different in that the Doctor speaks directly to the listener.  He's recording a tape, telling his story of how he followed


When I read American Born Chinese , Andi recommended Boxers and Saints .  I've yet to pick up Saints but I read Boxers and really enjoyed it.  It is the story of the Boxer Rebellion (strangely, something I learned a little about this semester in my archives class) from the point of view of one of the rebel leaders. You certainly empathize with Bao.  I loved the anime-nod that the rebels become the incarnation of gods when they battle.  So so sad as well.  a 6. 

Who Could That Be at This Hour?

I started Lemony Snicket's new series, All the Wrong Questions with the first book Who Could That Be at This Hour?   It is a series that takes place before the Series of Unfortunate Events.  Lemony Snicket is just a child in this one and is having his first case as an apprentice in the VFD.  It's a clever little book with all the children so much smarter than the adults.  There are a pair of cab driving brothers who work for tips about good books.  There's an ace young reported and even a femme fatale.  Essentially, if you liked the previous series then you'll probably like this one.  a 5. 

November Movies!

I had a fabulous month of movie watching!   Ender's Game: a great attempt at filming something unfilmable but one that looses a lot of the emotion of the book.  It hits the events but not necessarily the feelings.  still, really good.  a 6. Gravity: Ok, overdose of feelings!  I cried at several points during the movie; not such a good idea when wearing contacts and trying to watch a 3-d movie!  Sandra Bullock should get another Oscar.  a 7. This Is The End: How much you like this movie will be in direct proportion to how much you like Seth Rogan/James Franco and that crowd.  i felt it was fine with some bits that were clever and some that were just stupid.  Hermione kicks ass!  a 5. Thor 2: WAAAAAY! better than the first movie.  Very pretty, very cool.  There are smart, strong, kick-ass women in this one who actually do stuff! plenty of snark from Loki and Darcy; more Loki would have upped it to a 7 but it's a 6. Catching Fire:  another wow! Kinda the opposite of Ende