2 P.D. James Books

I've read very little P.D. James.  I've read Death Comes to Pemberly and Talking about Detective Fiction before.  I'm up in Vermont at the in-laws and picked up Unnatural Causes and tore through it in a day then read An Unsuitable Job for a Woman in two.  Both worth a look!

Unnatural Causes is the third Adam Dalgliesh mystery.  He is a Scotland Yard detective taking a holiday and visiting his aunt at the seaside after cracking a big murder case.  Then a body of a local resident with its hands cut off comes ashore in a canoe.  While it isn't Dalgliesh's case he becomes involved in the investigation.  There's a dramatic climax toward the end and, while i had suspicions about the killer I was happily surprised.  There are apparently a lot of adaptations of this series so I may have to watch a few.  a 6.

Unsuitable is the first Cordelia Gray book.  I really liked Cordelia but apparently there is only 1 more book featuring her. Cordelia is a very young woman who runs a detective agency with an ex-police officer.  The agency isn't doing very well but when her partner commits suicide because he has terminal cancer Cordelia decides she'll keep going with it until the money runs out.  She gets a case; a scientist hires her to find out why his son committed suicide. Of course, it's not suicide.  I really liked the character and even though I saw where the mystery was going (in a general way) it was really well written and I enjoyed it. a 6.


  1. I know I've not read any James but I could swear that some time in my past I listened to an audio performance of a James novel. Need to go dig through the bibliography to see if I can figure out if this is a valid memory and what book it might have been.

  2. I loved Agatha Christie as a teen and these two felt similar but slightly more modern as they take place in the 60's and early 70's.


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