December Movies

Since I'm not going to watch any more movies before tomorrow night...

After Earth:  It was ok.  Certainly nothing as bad as I thought from reviews and such.  The climate of the planet was ridiculous and definitely in there just to have a particular scene late in the movie.  The alien bad guy was also weird.  a 4. 

The Hobbit 2: can you both like and hate a movie at the same time?  that's how i'm feeling about the Hobbit films.  They seem to leave out a lot of the heart but add in a lot of spectacle.  Makes me want to watch the old Rankin and Bass movie.  Let's say a 5 because Smaug is fucking stellar.

Elysium: Another one I'm torn about.  I liked parts but disliked others.  let's say 5.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:  I didn't think this was one I was going to like as I'm not a big Ben Stiller fan.  We went on Christmas Day with B's family and it ended up being really good! a 6. 


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