30 December 2013

How many books did I read this year?

Unless I finish another book tomorrow (unlikely as I've been rereading the Sherlock Holmes stories on my new Kindle and am about 18% in) my totals for the year are as follows:

Total books read: 95

Library Books: 65

Non-fiction: 8
Audio: 27
Graphic Novel: 19
Non-Adult: 37  

So, I'm a bit disappointed in this number and my blogging for the year as a whole.  Looking back, I only posted three times in November!  and one was just for audio books!  Of what I read, a third of the books I listened to, about 20% were graphic novels, just under half were not adult books.  Those all really inflated my numbers.  I did have a lot of school work this year and that definitely hurt my reading.  I was reading so much I had to read, and so much non-fiction for school, and writing so much, that I wanted to totally get away from it in my downtime and played a lot of video games and watched TV.  My schedule is such that I'll be doing a lot of studying in the next three months so I don't expect that my habits will change much in the next little while. 

How did you fare this year?  more than you thought? less? 

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