November Movies!

I had a fabulous month of movie watching!  

Ender's Game: a great attempt at filming something unfilmable but one that looses a lot of the emotion of the book.  It hits the events but not necessarily the feelings.  still, really good.  a 6.

Gravity: Ok, overdose of feelings!  I cried at several points during the movie; not such a good idea when wearing contacts and trying to watch a 3-d movie!  Sandra Bullock should get another Oscar.  a 7.

This Is The End: How much you like this movie will be in direct proportion to how much you like Seth Rogan/James Franco and that crowd.  i felt it was fine with some bits that were clever and some that were just stupid.  Hermione kicks ass!  a 5.

Thor 2: WAAAAAY! better than the first movie.  Very pretty, very cool.  There are smart, strong, kick-ass women in this one who actually do stuff! plenty of snark from Loki and Darcy; more Loki would have upped it to a 7 but it's a 6.

Catching Fire:  another wow! Kinda the opposite of Ender's Game as some of the details were smudged but the emotion and the feelings were all there.  I liked how the love triangle was downplayed a bit; it's there but Katniss doesn't really care about it as she has bigger things on her mind.  a 7. 

Red Dawn (the remake): umm, not as depressing as the original but definitely a remake that makes you say "just why?"  Also a bit more unrealistic.  a 4.

Olympus Has Fallen: The makers of Die Hard should sue the makers of this movie.  It gets a 4 only because we had so much fun heckling it. 

Now You See Me: You might have missed this one when it came out in May; there wasn't much advertising that I saw.  Group of magicians appear to be robbing banks, manner unknown, and the FBI and Interpol (The Hulk and the girl who burned down her movie theater in Inglourious Basterds) have to stop them.  cute, kinda clever, some twists you can see coming, some you can't.  I think it's a solid 5.

Also, i was sick on Thanksgiving and we binge watched James Bond.  B had never seen Casino Royale (!?!) and now we need to watch it without commercials/being sliced up. 


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