Anna, Dressed in Blood

Continuing my attempt to get a better understanding of Young Adult lit, I finished up Anna, Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake last night.  I was actually almost done with it before our vacation but I just couldn't justify taking it with me on the trip for only the 45 minutes it would take me to finish the book.  The entertainment-to-weight ratio just didn't work out.  

 It, like many YA books, moves FAST.  People meet one day, are best friends the next, and are fighting monsters together 2 days after that.  It's a bit strange because it doesn't have to be that way.  In this book, Cas travels from town to town with his mother, killing ghosts.  Ghosts that can kill people.  He gets to Canada to tackle a ghost named Anna and finds out she is more than a match for him.  Luckily, she falls for him.  It gets quite complicated after that.  

It was an ok read.  Not the best YA i've read but certainly not the worst.  I'll be looking up the sequel.  a 5.


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