Movies I Saw in January

Scoop: I do so love Scarlett Johansson.  And Hugh Jackman.  This one was really funny, a 6. I will need to check out the other ones she did with Woody Allen.

Surrogates: We saw this one in Spain; it was on one of the the BBC channels one night after several Doctor Who episodes.  It was ok.  In the future, people use robot bodies they control while they get to stay home and be safe from everything.  It was ok, not fabulous though.  a 4. 

A Good Day to Die Hard: not so good.  Really not so good.  It was kinda like someone had a script for a Bourne movie or some generic modern action movie and decided to change the main character from the agent to the agent's dad and make him John Mclane.  Watch the car chase near the beginning then turn it off.  a 3 only because we had fun making fun of it.


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