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February Movies

Kick Ass 2 : B is a big movie fan but not a big fan of going to the movies.  Last summer was a bit of a challenge for me as there were a ton of movies I really wanted to see.  When Kick Ass 2 came out, I had the choice of seeing that or the Pegg/Frost/Wright The World's End , which is what I picked.  We got this from Netflix and I would say I am glad of the choice.  This one fit the small screen better than The World's End .  The focus is a bit more on Hit Girl in this one as she tries to fit in with regular life.  Kick Ass' life also gets turned upside down as he joins a superhero team (led by a very strange looking Jim Carrey) and then superheroes are outlawed.  Just as gory but not quite as foul-mouthed as part 1.  a 6.   Don Jon:  another one I liked.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt directed and stars as a Jersey bartender obsessed with porn.  He starts dating Scarlett Johanssen (who sounded so weird with a Jersey accent) who turns his life upside down but doesn't help wit

More YA I'm Reading

As you may or may not know, I'm in library school.  I'm in my last semester and, to get certified as a school librarian, I have to spend the semester at 3 different schools: high, middle and elementary. It is incredibly strange to be without a paying job but still going to work every day.  I'm at a high school right now and have been picking up various YA books as my time allows.  Divergent by Veronica Roth : Read because it is super hot right now because a movie is coming out next month.  Felt rather Hunger Games-lite to me.  I really can't decide if I liked it.  Tris, the main character, feels way to perfect to be relatable. I am going to give it a 5. Evermore by Alyson Noel : a Twilight-clone.  In this case, it's the girl who can read the thoughts of those around her and it is overwhelming.  A boy whose mind she can't read, and whose touch stops the noise of everyone else, gets involved with her.  Turns out he's perfect in every way and immortal.

This House Is Haunted

Today was a snow day!  At least for Rutherford County anyway.  We are getting the edges of the snow and ice that they had further south.  Right now, we've had nothing but a little sleet here in Nashville that doesn't seem to be sticking to anything.   After sleeping in, I picked up This House is Haunted by John Boyne .  I'd checked it out from the library but hadn't gotten around to reading it.  I hadn't intended to read the whole thing, just the first few chapters as I ate breakfast and woke up properly.  I just tore through it in a few hours this morning.  In this novel, a young woman, Eliza, looses her father to illness and in her grief decides she needs a change of scene.  She was a teacher at a girls' school so gets a job as a governess to 2 children.  Suspicious things immediately begin happening and it turns out the children's mother died violently after swearing no one else would be allowed to care for her kids.  It made me incredibly glad there

The Latest Flavia De Luce

I do so love the Flavia books.  Today I read The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches by Alan Bradley .  Wow.  Just wow. It is hard to write about a book that is the sixth in the series without giving away things, not just the events of this book but things that would be massive spoilers for early volumes.  Suffice to say that Flavia gets a lot of answers in this book, about her parents' involvement in World War 2, how Dogger came to be part of the household, and Aunt Felicity's importance.  Flavia even meets Winston Churchhill.  There are two murder mysteries, one old and one new, though the new one doesn't have much immediacy to it.  It ends with big changes for Flavia.  There are going to be 4 more books and I can't wait!  If you haven't read this series, you really really should.  I give this book a 7!