February Movies

Kick Ass 2: B is a big movie fan but not a big fan of going to the movies.  Last summer was a bit of a challenge for me as there were a ton of movies I really wanted to see.  When Kick Ass 2 came out, I had the choice of seeing that or the Pegg/Frost/Wright The World's End, which is what I picked.  We got this from Netflix and I would say I am glad of the choice.  This one fit the small screen better than The World's End.  The focus is a bit more on Hit Girl in this one as she tries to fit in with regular life.  Kick Ass' life also gets turned upside down as he joins a superhero team (led by a very strange looking Jim Carrey) and then superheroes are outlawed.  Just as gory but not quite as foul-mouthed as part 1.  a 6. 

 Don Jon:  another one I liked.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt directed and stars as a Jersey bartender obsessed with porn.  He starts dating Scarlett Johanssen (who sounded so weird with a Jersey accent) who turns his life upside down but doesn't help with the porn issue.  We found it really funny  a 6.  

We've been watching a lot of shows instead of movies this month.  We've torn through all the available episodes of True Detective and Helix, a sci-fi show, and started watching Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond, a BBC America show about Ian Fleming.  True Detective is really amazing and I'll be posting a review of the show as a whole once it finishes up.  Helix is just rather silly, a fun show to heckle. 


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