This House Is Haunted

Today was a snow day!  At least for Rutherford County anyway.  We are getting the edges of the snow and ice that they had further south.  Right now, we've had nothing but a little sleet here in Nashville that doesn't seem to be sticking to anything.  

After sleeping in, I picked up This House is Haunted by John Boyne.  I'd checked it out from the library but hadn't gotten around to reading it.  I hadn't intended to read the whole thing, just the first few chapters as I ate breakfast and woke up properly.  I just tore through it in a few hours this morning.  In this novel, a young woman, Eliza, looses her father to illness and in her grief decides she needs a change of scene.  She was a teacher at a girls' school so gets a job as a governess to 2 children.  Suspicious things immediately begin happening and it turns out the children's mother died violently after swearing no one else would be allowed to care for her kids. 

It made me incredibly glad there are libraries and the internet.  Eliza spends a full third of the book trying to find out what happened to the children's parents and the whole time I was like "just go look up the back issues of the newspaper!!"  That part was incredibly frustrating. I would say it isn't a bad book if you've already read Wilkie Collins, Henry James and a bit of Dickens.  overall a 5. 


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