Another Doctor Who book

I really like that the library lets me borrow things on my Kindle!  It works great and keeps me full of possible reading material.  I finished a Doctor Who novel, Plague of the Cybermen by Justin Richards.  As the title says, the bad guys are the Cybermen.  A ship of theirs crash landed on a planet decades ago where technology seems to be in the 17th century or so.  Luckily for the townsfolk, the Cybermen were all in stasis and don't have enough power to boot up and take over the world.  Unluckily for the townspeople, bits of radioactive ship are turning up and people are wearing them as jewelry.  The Doctor (11) shows up with no companion so I guess this is between Pond visits or he ran off on his own after dropping Clara off one night.  His first task is to sort out the plague that is killing the townspeople and of course things just get crazy from there.

It wasn't a bad book.  It did seem rather short and some of the side characters were pretty one dimensional.  It felt a bit like a YA book. The opening is really good though. Certainly worth reading if you love Doctor Who.  a 5.


  1. I just took my first foray into reading Doctor Who last year and enjoyed both of the books I read. I've gotten a few more since then and some of the upcoming releases are on my "Books to Buy" list.

    Like with Star Wars or Star Trek books, more than anything I just want them to get the "feel" of the world and characters right. I am more forgiving of the story than I would be if it were a novel with characters I wasn't already fond of.

  2. I agree! I think I've most enjoyed the ones narrated by David Tennant because, of course, they sound right on both levels! I don't think I've ever read any of the Star Wars/Trek books. I assume the plots are a little heavier than Doctor Who? Since those are supposed to be more adult properties?


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