March Movies

The Impossible: This is a couple years old, about a real-life family which survived the tsunami in Thailand.  If it wasn't a true story i would have said it was too good to be true.  Not a bad movie, some super scary parts involving the tsunami. a 5

Rush: Thor races cars!  He's lovely and the car action was great.  a 6.

Machete Kills: ok, goofy, splattery action.  worth watching. a 6.

True Detective: The best thing I've seen on TV this year.  seriously.  If you've not seen it and not been spoiled, go right now and watch it.  The basics: the show opens with 2 detectives in 2012 each separately speak about a murder case they worked back in 1995.  We see them discussing the case and then working the case.  So you have 2 narrators for the same set of events.  Both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrellson are wonderful in this.  it is a twisty, twisted show, set in Southern Louisiana, much of which was familiar to me.  absolutely a 7.

Helix: We've been binging this SyFy show in 3-4 episode gulps.  An unknown outbreak happens in an arctic research facility and the CDC sends four scientists out to the middle of nowhere to fix it.  The only surviving victim happens to be the brother of the lead scientist, who slept with the lead scientist's ex-wife, who also happens to be on the team.  The random connections don't stop there!  The virus turns people zombie-like; the man who runs the facility, along with every other speaking character, has secrets, and the non-CDC research scientists are ridiculous.  Parts of this show are amazing; the cinematography is very good and the use of music is great!  However, parts are just so ridiculous.  One thing we found super annoying was that every time the CDC characters caught the facility runner in a lie, they'd just believe him for a while!  These were the least skeptical scientists ever.  overall, I'd say it was a 5 as we didn't give up on the series. 


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