More YA/Middle Grade Books!

Doll Bones by Holly Black: This book was one of the Newbery Honor books this year. Three children, a boy and two girls, have been playing together their whole lives, making up long, involved stories about their various action figures.  They have a whole mythology and lineages worked out. now that the boy is twelve, his father decides to throw away all his action figures to make him "grow up".  The boy can't bring himself to tell his friends what really happened.  At the same time, one of the girls says her doll is beginning to speak to her, telling the girl that the doll is made from a real girl's bones and that for the spirit to rest she must be buried.  The children set off on an adventure to bury the doll.  They get vital info from a library!  i give this a 5. 

Graceling by Kristin Cashore: This one was an audiobook.   It was weird.  Again, it had the YA problem where stuff happens at the beginning, there's a long middle where not much plot-wise happens though there is some character development, and then a bunch of action at the end.  It is a fantasy novel where the world is made of several kingdoms.  In these kingdoms, someone who has two different colored eyes has special powers: fighting, swimming, dancing, knowing the weather, etc.  These are called gracelings.  There is a kidnapping and intrigue but mainly the story is about the main character growing up.  This wasn't a favorite of mine as we spend a lot of time hearing the thoughts of Katsa, the main female character, and I found her really annoying.  Also it was a full cast audio which i found rather distracting.  a 4. 


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