Another few YA books

A bit of a roundup!  I get so far behind, especially on these YA type books that I can read relatively quickly.  I have to get back to regular blogging!

I finished Dodger by Terry Pratchett.  I loved the character of Dodger though the plot was just ok.  I liked learning about some of the historical detaiIs of life for the lower classes in Victorian England.  I also really liked the Afterward, describing some of the real lives of people in the story.  If Pratchett writes more adventures of Dodger, I will definitely read them.  a 5.

I also just finished The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.  I wanted to like it more than I did.  I rather thought it was going to be like The Series of Unfortunate Events books from the description.  It wasn't really, except that there are smart kids involved, fighting some wicked adults. It just didn't hold my attention very well.  I bet kids would enjoy it though.  a 5 from me.

Ash by Malinda Lo is a GREAT book! It is a Cinderella retelling, with rather dark Fae folk instead of a fairy godmother.  In addition, Ash isn't very interested in the prince; she has much more of a connection with the King's Huntress.  It feels like a true portrayal of young love that crosses class and other boundaries and I loved it.  a 7. 

Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick is another really good one.  It was a Printz Honor book this year.  It is a series of interconnected stories featuring Merle and Eric, two people who connected in various ways.  The first story takes place in the future and as the book goes on it moves backwards in time.  It reminded me a lot of Cloud Atlas, in the best way.  a 7 and very worth a read.


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